Privacy Policy

Okay. I’ll probably replace this with legalese later on, but here’s my version.

#1 If you don’t want me to have information about you, I have ZERO interest in having that information. If for some reason I do have information about you that you don’t want me to have, I’ll work with you to get it deleted.

#2 This is a WordPress site. If you comment on pages or posts, if you contact me, then I will receive information about you. The site may also collect other personally identifiable information about you in ways that I don’t yet fully understand. If that matters to you, then I’ll do the research and figure it out.

#3 I use the information I collect from you to serve you by making content, products, and/or services available to you or creating content that might interest you.

#4 This site contains 3rd party links, that is, links to other websites like Amazon. They have their own privacy policies, and I have no control over those policies.

#5 I don’t sell or share your information unless you give me permission to do so. About the only time I would share your information is when I’m trying to refer you to someone else who might be able to help you in some way. Since I live in the USA, government agencies might be able to subpoena or otherwise obtain information I have on you without your permission. I don’t know.

#6 If you want to be put on my email list, then you need to give me permission. That’s normally done with an opt in sign up form. If you contact me with your name and email, I’ll assume permission to respond to your contact, but I will NOT assume permission to add you to my email list.

#7. If you want to contact me, then see my contact page here.

This privacy policy applies to all of my sites including,,,,,,,,,