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Here’s a list of the resources that I want to make available. All are written (mostly). Some are already posted; most are not. It takes me about a half hour to post each one (10 minutes to 15 hours depending). Let me know what you’d like to see most. Here’s how to contact me.

Resource #228: What it means to follow Jesus (POSTED)

#105: What I believe about you (POSTED)

163: Are you embarrassed when people ask you to pray out loud? (POSTED)

230: A good man suffers: Lessons from the book of Job

231: What you need to know about confessing your sins

232: On being a prophet: Thoughts for prophets and prophet wannabes

233: Is a word-for-word Bible translation always best?

234: Are we sinners or are we saints?

235: Size of Bible books ranked by audio

236: Is the Bible full of contradictions?

237: Top 10 Bible Verses

238: What does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name?

239: 5 things you need to know about heaven

240: 7 Reasons why I choose Jesus (POSTED)

241: What does emotion have to do with love?

242: Five leadership messages that will energize your congregation

243: Candy-coated nonsense: thoughts on faith and the Soviet Gulag

244: If you could go shopping for a God, what would you look for?:

245: Do you need to be a creationist in order to be a Christian?:

246: 3 things about God make me glad:

247: Are you ready?:

248: I’m not sure I understand beauty pageants

249: The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

250: When Christian leaders disappoint (POSTED)

251: Why a paraphrase is sometimes the best translation:

252: Getting real about heaven

253: The work of God is planted in human failure

254: Have you been scammed?

1445 pages of Discoveries devotionals from the seven years I emailed them to subscribers all over the world (I need help cataloging this)

255: Good News

256: What About This Sin Thing?

257: Your New Identity

258: Easy guided tour of the Bible

259: What is faith?

260: Genesis: A dysfunctional family made whole

261: God for every season—what each month represents for me in my faith journey

102: Bad foundation—building falls: don’t get your worldview from an angry person

224: The Miracle I Didn’t Expect

100: 5 things every survivor of sexual abuse needs to know (POSTED)

112: 7 Freedoms-Your Birthright as a Child of God (POSTED)

199: Steps to forgiving others (POSTED)

10: The gospel as I understand it: my six points (POSTED)

219: What does it mean to be born again?

220: “Prove to me that God exists”

12: Which books of the Bible are easiest to read?: Rank 66 books (POSTED)

229: Life of Jesus: 56 daily readings (PARTIALLY POSTED)

66: 4 ways to verify truth: verify truth

104: Who is telling the truth?: verify truth

109: The surprising truth about judging others: problem: incompetent at restoration

164: Top ten life lessons #1: stand before God

165: Top ten life lessons #2: one power – to say yes

166: Top ten life lessons #3: know who you are

167: Top ten life lessons #4: we are at war

168: Top ten life lessons #5: dream big, take a small step today

169: Top ten life lessons #6: trouble? Turn to God

170: Top ten life lessons #7: forgive

171: Top ten life lessons #8: listen

172: Top ten life lessons #9: do you care?

173: Top ten life lessons #10: promotion ready

187: 10 thoughts about your online presence as a Christian:

6: “Someone needs to change for me to be okay…”: power to be happy is inside you (POSTED)

222: 4 Principles for dating (POSTED)

49: Forgiving does not invite abuse: forgiving vs. reconciliation (POSTED)

50: Forgiving is deeper than just words: how to forgive (POSTED)

51: To forgive others, we must look at what really happened: don’t minimize (POSTED)

52: The truth: Jesus can handle it: be real about our anger (POSTED)

53: Forgiving others empowers us: not the offender (POSTED)

54: Only Jesus can replace hate with love: forgiving is impossible (POSTED)

55: Trading up: giving anger to Jesus (POSTED)

56: You can only forgive from a position of strength: forgiving others (POSTED)

13: How to hear the voice of God—part seven: (POSTED)

14: How to hear the voice of God—part six: (POSTED)

15: How to hear the voice of God—part five: (POSTED)

16: How to hear the voice of God—part four: (POSTED)

17: How to hear the voice of God—part three: (POSTED)

18: How to hear the voice of God—part two: (POSTED)

19: How to hear the voice of God – part one: (POSTED)

65, 107: 5 ways to fight back when your world is falling apart: strategies for suffering

80: Know when the story isn’t over: 2 Kings story (POSTED)

110: How Spiritual Math Really Works:

161: The antidote for anti-Christianity: responding to objections

186: The suffering of God:

214: What I Believe About You – the book (will be broken into several resources)

29: How to neutralize an unpleasant emotion

101: A vision for the church: friends, faith, support to make a difference

113: Three questions every Christian leader must answer: who is God, who are we, why the disconnect

43: Good news of great joy: Christmas classic (POSTED)

225: 7 questions you must answer before you write your book:

103: Why fishing in a bucket never works and nine other things you need to know about dating and marriage (POSTED)

188: Take the high road: when anti-Christians hang out in online Christian communities

44: The manger: God takes small things and transforms them

136: How do we prepare for persecution?:

33: Where do you find your value?: Identity and value

34: You are an eternal soul temporarily occupying a mortal life: short but good

35: Why connecting with Jesus allows you to be you

27: Overcome inner barriers

111: Exit strategy:

185: 6 things you need to know about suffering and evil:

25: Remove guilt from your life

215: They see it all:

176: Seventy-five bags: provision

183: God meets us in our place of weakness

96: The high cost of being right: win the argument, lose the friend

108: Where I see Jesus: I see Jesus in the people the crowd crucifies.

200: Jesus makes the impossible easy: giving anger to Jesus (POSTED)

162: I’d like to be indestructible: Easter message

182: God leads us in the right path:

114: What are we worth?: Unworthy =/= worthless

3: Sin is the disease … Jesus is the cure: Do we need forgiveness or transformation?

24: [Re]Connect with Jesus in a meaningful way

58: Faith affirms the goodness of God: God is good

59: Faith grows: Buick insurance check story

60: How do we get faith?: faith is a gift from God

61: Faith opens our eyes: allows us to see the value of what we have

62: A lesson in faith from a John Deere tractor

5: Head vs. gut: what you probably don’t know about the wall inside your mind

223: Unexplored opportunities for the church

221: Were rape victims punished by God?

26: Bypass forbidden fruit* *to get what you really want

92: Three things God wants to do for you: heal hurt, renew mind, transform life

70: God wants to heal all your hurts: God is actually nice

211: Want to be transformed? Let God speak to you: restoration of Peter

190: An act of worship: we are complex

69: God wants to renew your mind: David & Goliath – God’s perspective

212: God is at work in you: Phil 1:6

36: Overcoming: faith works

175: Our home: God has given us a home

32: The doorway is pain, but the destination is peace: Pain enables us to understand God’s love

31: Understanding what it means to decrease: John the Baptist – self esteem not tied to popularity

37: Reclaiming your lost identity—my story: super compliance

71: God is fixing things; we get to help: God fixes things

74: God hurts when you hurt:

75: God likes you:

76: Questioning God: many think God is guilty – that’s why I share the gospel the way I do

77: Why I DON’T start the gospel with, “You are a sinner”:

217: Fear God? Explaining what the “fear of the Lord” really means

48: Disturbed by the news: yes/no line in our hearts

135: Giving it all away: cow in Mexico – amazing story

63: Forever transformed: truth transforms

64: Changed—how?: set up for #62/63

83: Dressing up for God?:

85: My search: God likes me, healing, transformation, growth all the same

93: Truth and freedom: wall in our minds

203: Jesus can be trusted with our brokenness:

86: Driving test: life’s tests show us what’s inside

179: What we all have in common: yes/no line in our hearts

2: Are we really wretched sinners?: Romans 7 analysis

68: God wants to transform your life: diamond is already there

91: WWJD or WWJB?

94: Try harder?: try harder doesn’t work

72: God’s heart is for the vulnerable: This explains God

73: God cares enough to be angry at the things that are hurting you: emotionally healthy parents are protective

84: Stand alone courage

132: What is the gospel?:

67: Do you have the courage to be first?: ready for God’s assignment

45: What a child understands: value of wonder

160: Hidden in plain sight: a fresh look at the Ten Commandments

226: Is your writing good enough to be published?:

189: Plenty of time: Are we really as busy as we think we are?

87: Finding the door: look for pain – that’s the door

202: Righteous anger:

88: Opening the door: how our faith journey really operates

208: Prescription or description? connect to the vine

81: Let God be who He is

90: God fragile? God hurts when we suffer

213: God’s gift to us: our prayers matter, our suffering counts, our deeds are measured

46: God with us: God invites us close

47: The journey to Bethlehem: He wants to be found

207: Questions we cannot answer

79: Your life—a jigsaw puzzle: cracked, broken, shattered, pulverized (see also introductory lesson)

158: Forgiving debts: forgiving is impossible

174: God cares for you: God is relational – your feelings matter

180: Celebration: God’s confidence

89: The unique flavor of God’s love: God’s love is different for each person

82: How your focus changes everything: Short, but good: God is no longer the enemy

133: The tide is coming in:

40: The kingdom within: God’s work within us prevails

41: God will find a way: God will find a way

42: The rule that outlasts all others: God will triumph

98: Do we need to straighten up? deception

134: How do you create a perfect world? A new look at the fruit of the Spirit

21: The one thing that matters: everything can go wrong, as long as one thing goes right

152: Little by little: dog in park story

181: Meeting God in the valley: Goldilocks bully

205: Your story matters

151: A letter to my future son-in-law:

195: The cure for double-mindedness: bring broken pieces to Jesus

147: A prayer for our nation

227: Honoring the poor

78: There really is a perfect version of you: incomplete

178: 4 reasons for sexual purity

153: A plumbing story: adventures with God

121: Our one power: say yes to Jesus

143: Getting at the root of things: desires get twisted

216: Two kinds of leaders: one line quote

57: Different strengths: we grow in different ways

130: Out of our comfort zone: find the no, make it a yes – also Christmas

138: God is building a mansion: Extreme Makeover

115: Life and death belong to God: God is still in control (Revelation)

122: When Adding Subtracts: we don’t add our efforts to God’s

116: Your prayers are treasured by God: from Revelation

117: The secret of contentment: The deeper you get into situations you don’t like, the more you discover Jesus is already there

206: Heaven: desire for God, heaven – all doors open

120: What happens to our troubles when we do God’s will?: sometimes doing God’s will gets us into more trouble – Judges

157: Built at the brook: Elijah

131: Don’t let yourself be deceived: worldview lies

204: Your feelings matter:

154: Maybe the dance is the destination: enjoy the journey

191: We will stand in awe of God:

1: Pre-Miracle Territory: Trouble = opportunity for God

39: Join the adventure: God has figured out how we will win

127: Empowered by Jesus: Romans 7

184: God is ready: God prays for us

129: Wide open spaces of freedom: freedom has boundaries

137: All their vast array: slide show

218: Like a wave: intro to Revelation

11: Lines of defense: God, truth, good judgment, etc.

128: Honor those who suffer

144: Opportune times: temptations when we’re weak

142: What defines who you are? death of Aaron

155: What you have to offer: your contribution matters

149: Have you noticed? beauty and age and eternity

150: The touch that makes us clean: not what we don’t touch, but what Jesus touches

145: Pain, empathy and obedience: there is a cost to obedience

159: Lies and truth: all of us believe lies

156: What does peace mean to you?

126: The deception strategy: Deception > sin

193: It means peace: Jesus’ message after His resurrection

198: The inevitable triumph of Jesus: God will prevail

22: When love seems far away: how do you decide who to include and who to remove from your life

146: Truth and temptation: God satisfies our desires with good

#262: The joy set before Him – Kim’s vision of Jesus