Help with your website


I create your website for you.

Your website will be solid, sensible, customized to you.

Shopping cart I can set up a shopping cart system to allow you to sell your books, downloads or other products and services online.

Affiliate tracking If you would like affiliates to drive traffic and sales to your site, I can set up a system for you.

Content I’ll make sure that your website has all the pages you want it to have and all the content you want included. I’ll use your wording, or, if you prefer, I’ll write the content for you (within reason) based on a conversation with you. Because I’m a professional writer, I will focus on giving your visitors the content they are looking for.

Images I’ll use your photos and other images. If your images need cropping or resizing, I’ll take care of that for you. No problem. I’ll use your images, and, if we need to, we’ll supplement those with stock images. Depending on your needs, I may be able to supply the stock images at no extra charge.

Videos If you have videos you want embedded in your site, I’ll take care of that as well.

Maps If you desire, I’ll embed a Google map.

Design and upkeep I use clean WordPress themes (templates) to give your site a crisp design. I use WordPress so you can easily update your site yourself, if you wish. I’ll show you how. Before you can have a website, you need a domain name and a hosting account. No worries; this is easy to take care of; I’ll make sure it happens for you. If your situation is highly unusual and you need something beyond the scope of what I normally do, I’ll connect you with good people who will treat you right and get the job done for you.

Yes, I focus on websites for books, but I have done other websites including family, basic e-commerce, consulting, computer repair, recruiting, information product marketing.

I’ve been creating websites for myself and others since the 1990s.  In addition, I am a professional writer / ghostwriter. I’ve worked with thousands of clients in the past 25 years. Doing websites brings together my years of experience writing for professional clients with my web development skills.

Here’s a sample of a website I created.

Fee depends on the project. Email me and I’ll be glad to work up a no-obligation proposal.

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