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Imagine … (and a gift from me to you)

A special gift from me to you!

Hey, all … My favorite book is The Man from Sun Prairie.
Save the king.
Rescue the princess.
Find true love.
What could possibly go wrong?

The Man from Sun Prairie is a Christian alternate reality fantasy (think Narnia without the kids and the talking animals) filled with Thurber-style humor (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty). It features Straight Arrow, a marginalized nobody in our world who becomes a national hero (or villain?) in the Kingdom of Arken. Traveling with him is Dove Fogico. Dove carries The Gift: Everyone she touches hears the voice of God.

When Straight Arrow tries to save the life of the president of the United States, everything goes terribly wrong—and magically right. He ends up in the Kingdom of Arken where he saves the life of the king with a Peter Sellers / Pink Panther flavor rescue. But then the king’s daughter turns up missing along with Dove Fogico. All eyes look to to Straight Arrow. Is he a hero? Or an assassin? More information on the product page here.

Anyway, for the next couple days just to celebrate you being you, I’m giving you access to a free digital copy. Look for the free gift at my store here.

Stendal books are back!

Amazing adventures … powerful insights … I just added the Stendal books back to my store. Check my store for details.

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