Spiritual Self Defense

Find inner strength and unexplainable peace. Overcome a painful past. Melt away anger and anxiety. Forgive others easily. Become addiction resistant and stress free. Walk away from Try Hard Christianity into a beautiful friendship with Jesus. On September 13, 2001 our lives changed. Yours can too. This book will show you how.

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“Mr. Clough takes us into the heart of a seasoned spiritual leader and shares with us his secret to spiritual victory…a must read book…” Dr. Dwight A. Perry, Regional President/Executive Minister, Converge Great Lakes

“…practical tactics and strategies for dealing with temptation and suffering…Dwight challenged my own notions about how to address spiritual issues…” Dr. Joseph Towles, University of Wisconsin–Madison

“…an easy to understand path to freedom… Once I started reading I couldn’t put the book down and really recommend reading this with a friend or group to get the full effect…” Jennifer Thorn, Anything is Possible Inspirational Blog, JennThorn.blogspot.com

“…a winning strategy that will take you to a whole new level in your relationship with God and bring peace and joy into your life.” Tom E. Smith, Author, Captured by Sacred Love, ChristAdventures.com

“…easy to follow…a work long needed in the life of the Church… You’ll instantly feel like Dwight is a friend…” Rev. Steve Freitag, Director, CrossCounsel International Ministries, CrossCounsel.com

“Jesus shows up in these pages. …Dwight makes complex ideas approachable, understandable and fun.” David Schrank, Nurse, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

“…a fresh perspective to the greatest spiritual self defense of all. …Spiritual Self Defense changes everything…” J.P. Olson, Journey Into the Word with J.P. Olson, TheWordwithJPOlson.com

If you are…too honest with yourself to settle for fluffy inauthenticity, this book is for you. …easy-to-read articulation of deep concepts…” Ryan Roling, Instructor, Madison College


  • 100+ learning aids including diagrams, illustrations, tables, sidebars, memes
  • 125+ discussion questions, 30 journal prompts
  • 90 comprehension questions with answer key
  • glossary, index & detailed table of contents
  • 10 decision maps
  • 130+ photos
  • 7×10, paperback, 290 pages

NOTE: Contains links that will be activated in 2017. DVD to be released in 2017.

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