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Price list
All books are paperback…

Price Book
$51.44 Spiritual Self Defense textbook color interior
$30.42 Spiritual Self Defense textbook black & white interior
$29.95 Spiritual Self Defense DVD (180 minutes)
A Beautiful Christmas (beautiful gift book)
(Price reduced January 2018 only, and only if you order from Dwight)
$14.95 Rediscover God (Bible survey of Gospels)
$13.95 The Man from Sun Prairie (fantasy novel)
$12.00 Weathering Storms (Dwight’s testimony 1999)
$12.00 Amazing Faith (stories of Christian leaders)
$11.97 The Gift of Transformation (How God transformed our marriage)
$10.00 The Easy Bible vol 4 (31 readings Bible study/devotional)
$10.00 The Easy Bible vol 3 (31 readings Bible study/devotional)
$10.00 The Easy Bible vol 2 (31 readings Bible study/devotional)
$10.00 The Easy Bible vol. 1 (31 readings Bible study/devotional)
$10.00 How to Write and Publish Your First Book
$10.00 The Tyrannosaurus Who Wanted to Be a Vegetarian (fantasy novel)
$10.00 What I Believe About You (Christian faith re-explained)
$9.99 How We Stole the 2016 Election (political fantasy, analysis)
$8.97 Dove for President (political fantasy, analysis)